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Steve, Megan, Aiden & Jackson

Sunday, November 17, 2013

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been looking at our profile here!  We are truly humbled by the attention!  Even when we weren’t sure our searching was working, it is!!  I didn’t realize we had been profiled through adoptimist on Facebook, and WOW!  What a great way to make us feel so much love!  Lots of people looking at our profile and website.  Again, Thank You!!  So much has changed and yet so much is the same.  We are proud parents of 2 beautiful, sweet, joyful little Read more »

Dear Expectant Mothers

Dear Expectant Mothers, How is everyone doing ? Does anyone want to talk ? Josh and I are so looking forward to being parents . We can’t wait , so much excitement. We have so much Love , Laughter and family to give you and your baby. Please check out the photo album to see our family and friends . We are going to try to do a video this Read more »

Holiday Weekend !

Holiday Weekend! We have such a busy weekend ! We are doing Passover tomorrow in NYC at Josh’s cousins house. Always so much fun ! I have to get our little cousins some gifts and try to find a bakery that still has Passover pastries. Maybe I will just bring Flowers… Then on Sunday we have Easter at my parents’ house. I am making Read more »

Expectant Mothers

Josh and I really want to be parents, We know it is really hard on both ends. Some times not knowing the correct things to say or when to say the correct things. We are learning and understanding at the same time. We are good people. We have a lot of LOVE to give Please get to know us. Give us a chance. LOVE Kelley and Josh Call us / Email Read more »

Lobster Tails!

Lobster tails for Tuesday night dinner!!! Yummy!! :0) Call us / email us <3 ! Love K & J 877-621-2516 Joshnkelley@ hotmail.com Read more »

Allergies !

Allergies season is here !! I feel like I have a cold but I think it is just allergies . The weather in NY is so crazy ! Snow and Rain yesterday. Today will be almost 50. I can’t wait for the warm weather again :0) We are looking forward to being parents and going to the park playing at the playground in the summer! Call us / email us ! Read more »


Today we are watching Basketball all day! Omg! Anyway I just got my nails done with some kinda design… I let the nail girl do what she wants. I am going to cook today. Since I can’t Josh away from the TV lol. I am making him French Onion soup again, meatballs and anything that is not carbs. Josh is doing a no carb diet.I am kinda Read more »

Expectant Mothers

We are so excited to hopefully meet our expectant birth mother. We understand how difficult this time is and choosing the right parents. We just really want to share our lives with you and your baby. Please call us get to know us. I promise you, we will LOVE your baby Call us /message/email us. Love, Josh n Kelley 877-621-2516 Read more »


Had such a good weekend ! We went to see my parents Friday night and we laughed so much! Saturday we did some errands and then went to my Sisters, she always makes us laugh! My niece Breanna got her first car. so exciting. On Sunday I went shopping with my sister was so much fun. We went to TJmaxx ,I got some great deals. Josh and I watched Read more »

Happy St Patricks day!!

Happy St Patricks day!!! Have a fun day!!! Love Kelley & Josh Call us / Email us ! 877-621-2516 Joshnkelley@hotmail.com Read more »

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We are having a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day together!  We took in some great live music at our local Irish Center.  Aiden loved the food, friends, dancing and great music!  We look forward to sharing all these great events with a new baby too!  Please help make our dreams come true!  1-877-205-3050 Read more »


It’s Taterday!!! All about Tate ! I am posting new pictures of our cat Tater Tot. He is so cute. We played all morning ! Now he is all played out! Check out our new pics! Call us / email us Love Kelley n Josh 877-621-2516 Joshnkelley@hotmail.com Read more »


Time Fly’s!! WOW! Can you believe it is mid-March already! This year is going by so fast. Keeping up with most of my goals. Eating healthy and working out 3-4 times per week. We are hoping to meet our birth mother soon. That is really our only goal for 2013! ;0) .We want to be parents and share our LOVE… Tell us your goals for 2013, Read more »

Expectant Mothers

Anyone want to get to know us better ? Do you have questions about us ? You can write a message to us or Call us . We are available at all times .If you called and we didn’t answer , write us , call back or leave us a message. We just want to share our LOVE with you and your baby. Love Kelley & Josh 877-621-2516 joshnkelley@hotmail.com Read more »

Beautiful day!

Amazing weather! It is about 50 today! We went to see OZ with our nephew Nick! Good movie and the 3 D was so good! We made cauliflower Mac n cheese with no Mac! Can’t wait to eat it! We also went to a great dinner last night! Amazing steak house , then we came home and watched a movie Wall Flowers, good flick! Oh yeah, we got frozen Read more »


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We had my brother and sister in law over last night. Our nieces made a cup pyramid in the pic attached. We had a ton of fun. We are at the Salon right now. Kelley needed to get her nails done. I am bored waiting for her lol. i just bought cologne. It’s called light blue by dolce and gabbana. It Read more »


Hey Everyone ! Get to us know us ! Take a look at our pictures to see our families and were we come from . I try to make a story from everything we do. Hopefully it feels as if you were there with us. Send questions or call us. I will be posting new pictures this weekend of all of our favorite things. You will learn a little more about us.;0) Read more »

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We had a great time staying home during the February break from school!  Lots of lazy days & family bonding.  Our local mall had a “February at the Beach” theme all week - they built a huge sandbox, had games and concerts all week with a beach theme!  We loved getting to play in the sand again.  It got us all Read more »

Good Morning

Good Morning ! How is everyone ? good here .We are getting more snow today. I hoping it is not a lot and maybe all rain. It is so horrible to drive in the snow. Takes forever to get home from work when the weather is bad. Anyway , I posting some Radom new pictures. take a look and let me know what you think. Did you see the new ones I posted Read more »

Pictures of Tater Tot

Check out our pictures of Tater Tot. He is so cute !!!! I just posted some new ones from this weekend. In one picture he has a movie on his head , He looks French ! By the way the movie he has on his head is so funny ! It is called 10Years. This weekend OZ comes out. We want to go see it in the IMAX theater .should be good. I will let you Read more »

Expectant Mothers

Josh and I are so excited to hopefully meet our expectant birth mother. We understand how difficult this time is and choosing the right parents. We just really want to share our lives with you and your baby. Please call us get to know us. I promise you, we will LOVE your baby Love, Josh n Kelley 877-621-2516 joshnkelley@hotmail.com Read more »

Wedding pictures

Hey Everyone! I just posted a lot of our wedding pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures and see our wedding. It was so beautiful and fun! :) Check us out! Call and Email us today! Love Josh & Kelley Joshnkelley@hotmail.com 877-621-2516 Read more »

Rain !

Today is a rainy day, wish I could have stayed home and watched movies all day with Josh and Taties.lol. So much traffic today . It took me about 2 hours to get to work today. Normally it is 30 minutes. The rest of the week will be in the 40’s! That must mean it is going to start getting warmer. Yippy!  Josh and I are so excited to Read more »


I just got back from my business trip to Orlando Florida. It was all work for 2 full days and on the last day i had the opportuntiy to go to Universal Studios.  I have attached the picture of myself and the 2 owners of my company with Woody Woodpecker.  We had a ton of fun on the last day. I am glad to be back in NY with Kelley. Our Read more »

Great weekend

We had a great weekend. Josh came home Saturday night and I made his favorite foods. The Italian wedding soup I made came out amazing. Can’t wait to have it tonight. I love to cook. We watched movies all day Sunday and we got Frozen yogurt. OMG ! It was so good and healthy. Only 32 calories per half of cup. Plus it is gluten and lactose free. Read more »

Josh is coming home!

Josh has been away all week on a business trip in Orlando Florida. Yup he got to go to Disney . I am so jealous. Lol. So I am cooking his favorite foods. I made French onion soup .filet mignon with mushrooms and pancetta . I also made Italian wedding soup and meatballs. I don’t like onion soup. Josh should be home soon. His plane just Read more »

Girls Night!

Last night we had a girls night .It was fun. My sister and sister in law Kristen picked me up and we went to target. Shopped a little . We went to about 3 different restaurants in the area. Every placed we was so busy with a wait of about 1 hour. So my niece works a restaurant we went there. We always go there so we were trying to find another Read more »

Sister time

Hi ! Tonight I am going to dinner with my sister ! I can’t wait . We don’t know where we are going yet but I do want to try something different. My sister Tina will come up with something good. We Might go shopping too. That’s always fun ! Josh is in Florida right now with really warm weather. He there on business but he could still sit Read more »

Expectant Mothers

Dear Expectant Mothers, We are a happy loving couple wishing to take care of baby for life. We will give him or her all the love in the world. We want to share our lives with you and your baby. Take a look at our photos of our family. Please call or write to get to know us better.  Love , Kelley & Josh joshnkelley@hotmail.com Read more »

Tuesday, February 19, 2103

Such an exciting morning!  Aiden & Mommy went to his first soccer practice!  He loves spending time running around and playing with kids his age.  Coach Mark was great with the kiddos too!  We already can’t wait to go back.  It was exciting to see so many of the kids at the practice were big brothers and big Read more »


Today is Monday. Another long day. kelley and i had a great weekend.On friday night, Kelleys brother and wife came over with their kids.  Kelley played Dance Party 4 on our playstation with kids. (see picture). We went to Michaels craft store because we are starting a project on Jewelry. I also got a chance to watch college Read more »


SNOW! On Friday night into Saturday we got about 2 feet of snow. I love the snow. We went to my brother’s house on Friday so we could play with our nieces in the snow. We rode a quad and made a really big hill in there yard to go sledding. It was so much fun. We almost stayed Saturday night too because we couldn’t get my car out of their Read more »

Dear Expectant Mothers,

Dear Expectant Mothers, We are a happy loving couple wishing to take care of baby for life. We will give him or her all the love in the world. We want to share our lives with you and your baby. Take a look at our photos of our family. Please call or write to get to know us better.  Love , Kelley & Josh joshnkelley@hotmail.com Read more »

January’s Quiet Chaos

January wasn’t the easiest month for us. You can read about its challenges by clicking here. Read more »


I had a great birthday weekend. Josh had a nice little surprise party for me. I posted some pictures . I will post more later. Its takes so to post from my phone. The cake was amazing ! My sister in law Kristen had made it so special she add all my favorite things ! I got to hang with all my nieces and nephews. I HAD A BLAST ! I attached a Read more »

Kelley’s birthday!

Today is my birthday! I am going shopping with josh and out for breakfast. The rest of the day, I will hang out with all my siblings ,nieces and nephews. I can’t wait I love being around them! It’s always so much fun. Josh’s parents sent me a gift 2 pairs of wedge sneakers which I love! They have studs on the sides.josh got me Read more »

Our Adoption promise to you !

Our Promise to you! When you pick Josh and I to be your baby’s parents, we promise to love your child and provide a loving home.  We will provide your child the best education and laughter. A baby in our home will be blessing.  We hope to hear from you soon. We are always available please contact us Love Kelley & Josh Read more »

Our lil Man - Tate

OMG ! look at this picture. Tater is sooo cute !! :0) Josh got Tater Tot for me for Christmas about 5 years ago. Tate looked just like a tater tot and that’s how he was named.  I still look at him like a little baby kitten. He follows me around the house as soon I walk in the door and all he does is talk to me. Tater is a very verbal cat Read more »

Getting Better

Finally getting better ! I am still sick . I can’t even believe it. I have a head cold with chest congestion and body aches . Every day it was something new . Any way I went to the doctor last night and got some meds. So hopefully I can be myself again and I was complaining about Josh being sick ... well the last time I do that ! lol I hope Read more »

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Today we celebrated our nieces birthdays.  Abby turned 4 last week and Emily will be 7 next week.  We had a great time playing together.  It’s amazing getting to see them grow up, and we cannot believe how big they are already.  The weather so far has been pretty mild here this winter season.  Every morning Read more »

Good Morning !

Good Morning! Happy Saturday!! We are going bowling today! Can’t wait , I haven’t been bowling in years. My brother, his wife Kristen , Madison and makenzie are going . I am going to ask my other brother son to go with us too. I think he will like bowling. It’s gonna be fun. I will take picture and post them . Before we go Read more »


Hey Everyone! I am still sick ! Totally stinks!!! Anyway, I have to go to DMV tomorrow morning to renew my driver license.When renewing your license you have to have an eye exam and I couldn’t get an appointment in the next two weeks with my doctor .  I really hope it’s not that many people there. :( my birthday is coming up in Read more »

not feeling well :(

I am not feeling well today ! Joshie got me sick :( .I am tiring not to go home sick from work. Taking cold meds and vitamin C and B 12!! .I hate being sick. I am a very active person and like to do a lot of things, workout, go to the store ,play with Tate or clean etc… I don’t want to do anything. Hopefully by the weekend I will feel Read more »

Feeling a little better

Boy was i sick the past few days.  I hate when you get that achy feeling and you dont want to do anything.  I definitely still have a cold and i think Kelley has one too.  I am already at work.  I have been so busy lately that i like to get a head start on work in the office and its quiet. This way i can focus.  I am Read more »

Monday, January 14, 2013

Trying to organize after the holidays is difficult!  But I finally had the chance to look through all of the wonderful pictures we took throughout December.  My favorite memory of this Christmas is our experience riding The Polar Express!  Do you remember the book or the recent movie?  It was just as magical!  We got Read more »

Hello !

Hello Everyone ! How is your Monday going ? Mine is okay. Very busy at work , still have an employee out until Thursday. Which stinks because I have to do all her work plus mine. Josh is not feeling well. It comes and goes. I think he needs more rest. I can’t wait to get home tonight and see my lil Taters ! he just so cute! Anyway I have to Read more »

Sunday night

It’s Sunday night end of the weekend :( ! We are getting ready for work tomorrow. I am going to go to work earlier tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do. josh always goes in to early 7 ish. we had such a great time with friends in the city on Saturday. already have plans for this weekend. Our friends had twin girls in dec. they are coming Read more »


HI ! today is Friday! woo hoo !! Such a busy day at work. I had a few employees out today. so I had to pick up their work too. I can’t wait for the weekend. Josh is doing better! I think I was right . LOL just allergies with a little bit of a cold. I am so glad he is better !!!! maybe well go to dinner tonight since we are going to NYC all Read more »

Josh is sick :(

So josh got hit with the cold/flu !! I am hoping it is just a little cold or allergies ! When josh is sick it’s so much work! Lol it’s almost like he is 2 yrs old again. Lol I made him some chicken noodle soup and gave him medicine along with vitamin c and b12 . If he doesn’t get better by Saturday morning we won’t be Read more »


Last night we had date night with my brother James and his wife Kristen. Kristen’s mom watched their kids. We went to this little Italian restaurant which is 2 blocks over from our house. It was Chicken night. The food was so good but I gave my brother my left overs . He will eat for his lunch today. I had grilled chicken with prosciutto , Read more »


So today is Day 3 of doing Insanity workout. We are very sore today but feel good! We can’t wait to get home to work out! I know must seem weird but the results are so good. It is very tough when doing the 40 minute workout and makes you want to quit in the first 10 minutes (lol)but we push through the pain. This workout makes you use muscle Read more »

Tuesday Full work day :)

I took kelleys car in for service again today. I guess there is something wrong with her brakes and stearing wheel. The car dealer didnt fix it on Sunday. They assured me it would be done today.  I had to get a ride from the car dealership to work.  Kelley and i tried the new work out INSANITY last night on DVD.  My body is so Read more »


Hey Everyone! How is your Monday going so far ? Mine is good, just working and having lunch. I made turkey chili yesterday and we bought these wasabi rice crackers. So good with the chili gives it an extra kick. Tonight we will be doing P90x Insanity ! We are going to be hurting tomorrow. It will pay off come the summer lol I will let you Read more »

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Belated New Year!  We hope that this year will bring peace and love to us all!  Today was our niece Abby’s 4th birthday.  How fast the time goes!  We remember the joy of the day she was born, and being able to celebrate her special day together has been so much fun.  Aiden had fun singing to her and even Read more »


We went to breakfast at the diner this morning and then we dropped Kelleys car off to get serviced. We then went to the food store. Kelley and I are going on diets this week lol. We ate way too much over the holiday. So we bought vegetables and light foods. Kelley is making a Turkey chili and we are all on the couch watching football. Read more »


This weekend we are going to relax and not doing anything ! i cant wait to have a quiet relaxing weekend. Watch movies and eat good food . Ok maybe work out and clean the house but thats it.  if anyone wants to chat we will be around all weekend . Call us :o) ! Read more »

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a healthy , Happy and safe new year !! :0) Read more »

Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!  We had the best holiday season yet!  Our family and friends helped to make our smiles brighter and we feel truly blessed because of them.  Get in touch to learn more about us!  :) 1-877-205-3050 Read more »

Thursday before New Years

Its Josh :).  Its hard to imaginge that next thursday is 2013.  I remember when i was a child and it was like 1985 and i was like, i will be 42 years old in 2020.  I am only 7 years away :). I also remember listening to Billy Joel and wondering if he will be like the oldies when i was in my 30’s like my parents listened to Read more »

Friends & Family

Christmas was great! we had such a fun day with our family. So much food. We are having a new year’s party. Our friends are coming in from Philadelphia on Saturday. All of our family & friends are coming too. I am planning our food list today and we have to clean to get everything set up. I have a lot of decorations for new year’s. Read more »

Christmas Traditions

It’s Christmas morning and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas today. This is a special time of year for us and we love the many delights of the season including the traditions we’ve started. One of these traditions is Susan and her mom baking cookies each year on Christmas Eve. We started doing this the year after we got Read more »

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !! Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday !! :) Here is a pic of Tate waiting patiently for his gift. He is a very verbal cat!  Meowing very loud! Lol. Read more »


We went to the movies last night with my brother James and his wife Kristen. We saw “this is 40” . This movie really was so funny . I think we laughed the whole time . it was the sequal from “knocked up”. Great flick. After , Josh and I went to the dinner . We split a chicken bbq sandwich and a cheese burger with Read more »

Holiday party

We went to my company/ birthday party in NYC. The party was at the Dream Hotel. Views were incredible .you could see the whole city . The party was so much fun! We can’t wait to go back :) hotel was so nice it was very different. In the lobby they have very large white bear ( not real , stuffed) it was cool. We meet Kevin Connelly from Read more »

Last Night

This is Josh :).  Last night was company party.  The owners of the company only have it for managers.  The Italian food was SOOO good.  I attached a picture of my plate.  You can see why my suit doesnt fit ;lol.  I am back in the office today and have Kelleys company party tonight in New York City. I love going to Read more »

Office Party

This is Josh :).  I have my company office party tonight.  It is at this Italian restaurant.  Nothing better than Italian food in NY :).  I wore a suit to the office.  I think i gained a few pounds because it was a little tooooo tight lol.  I have Kelleys company party tomorrow night in New York City.  Its a Read more »


Today is Wednesday , The middle of the week. Wednesdays are always so busy at work. I have meetings and have to get all orders purchased before Friday. so my company can get product in and to patients. I work for a Durable medical equipment company. I am the purchasing Manager . I purchase hospital beds, cane ,crutches, wound care supplies and Read more »


We went to the movies on Sunday. We saw the Hobbit . It was a really long movie. The movie was ok. Josh really liked . We went to a IMAX theater and it was in 3D . Which was cool. The movie could have had better 3D effects but overall good. After ,we went home for an early dinner and nap time ! lol. My brother made mac n cheese the night before Read more »

Christmas is almost here!

Yesterday we finished decorating our tree and now it really feels like Christmas. We love bringing out our decorations each year. It’s a great chance to spend time together and we enjoy thinking about the Christmases we’ve shared together and those we hope to share with our child once we adopt. We’re very sentimental about our Read more »


Getting ready for the weekend! We are going out to diner tonight to a steak house. Josh is working all day Saturday. I am going shopping with my sister and get our nails done, facials. Girls day ! I can’t wait !! after my brother , his wife and their kids are coming over . They are making us dinner. Since I cook every weekend for them. I will Read more »

Date Night

I just got done working out . Getting ready for date night! We are going to an Italian restaurant. I hope it is good :) Food was delish ! omg we cant wait to go again. Maybe Friday night !lol Read more »


I have to start the rest of my shopping . I got my Mother and 2 nieces gifts so far. I still have 8 more nieces and nephews to get plus my grandparents, Josh, Tate and my Dad. Oh yeah, we have 2 god daughters too. I need to get gifts for them. I know what most of the gifts I am getting so it’s not that bad. Toy store for all the little kids Read more »


Mondays are long days . When it’s over, Friday seems so much closer :). Kelley went to exercise and I worked out in the basement. I made chicken with broccoli for dinner and tater tot ate half of my chicken. He is very tired now. You can see the pic below. He is the cutest. We cant wait for him to have a brother or sister to play with. I Read more »

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It’s a great feeling to wake up on a rainy Saturday morning and not have any plans!  We are planning to decorate the house more for Christmas today and watch some Christmas movies with Aiden.  We are so excited for him to see (and hopefully love) some of our seasonal favorites… like The Charlie Brown Christmas movie and Read more »

Pictures of nc

So I tired to post some pictures of North Carolina. As you can see from the one I put in the album is upside down. It is hard to post from I phone or I just don’t know how to adjust the pic lol! any way tonight is the big Hanukkah party. So exciting! We will get some great pictures! We are leave tomorrow morning . We miss Tate so much! My Read more »


Omg! Got up so early today 3:15am. We are waiting to board the plane. Read more »

Packing for our trip to see Josh’s Parents

We just put our first short video on the pic below. I hope u can see it. There will be more videos to come.  My parents are so excited to see us. We are leaving the cat in New York because my parents have 2 dogs. I will take pics and post this week. The video didn’t work as you can see :). Kelley and I will work on linking videos. Read more »


We went shopping last night for gifts and of course I had to get stuff for us too!!! It’s so hard not to but something for yourself and Josh! Well the items I got Josh was for Hanukkah and Christmas. They were on sale, got really good deals. We found a coat Josh loved. It is very tough to find clothing for Josh. He has very big shoulders. so Read more »

Dinner with my cat Getting excited to go away.

Kelley went to work out and I am home getting ready for our holiday weekend.  We are going to North Carolina to see my parents and my brother. My brother works in the emergency room in a hospital. My parents used to live in Philadelphia but when they went to visit my brother, they found a beautiful house and moved. The house was so Read more »

So much to do !

There is so much to do with the holidays coming up ! We have to go shopping tonight for gifts for Josh’s dad and sister in-law. We also need to get a funny gift for the Hanukah party. Everyone who goes to the party gives a wrapped gift .Then each person picks a number to see who gets a gift first. if someone doesn’t like there gift or Read more »

Relaxing weekend

We had an amazing relaxing weekend. We watched the move Elf ( I love that movie) and a lot TV shows Reality TV shows. We ordered pizza and sushi ! We haven’t stayed in and didnt do anything on the weekend in so long . It was needed. ;0) We are going to North Carolina on Thursday for Hanukkah. Josh’s parent have a Hanukkah party. Josh Read more »


Round 2 of Thanksgiving was amazing ! The turkey was so good! Josh did a great job at cooking the turkey ! Josh’s mom made turkey meatballs and all his cousins made all the deserst . which were so good , now we have to hit the gym. lol Read more »

Monday, November 26, 2012

Everything is getting back to normal on this Monday after the holiday!  We had a great long weekend together as a family - we ate, we played, and we shopped!  It was a great reminder to be thankful for our family, and all those who helped our dreams come true.  We are already thankful to you… looking into adoption, choosing Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’ve written a new blog post about what we’re thankful for this year. You can check it out by clicking here. Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you have a wonderful day !! Enjoy all the delicious food!!! Read more »


We decided to make thanksgiving dinner again on Friday! We are having Josh’s parents here from NC and his cosins in from NYC. I hoping everything comes out good! I am going to pre make some side dishes on Wednesday night. I have to work Friday , so it will be up to Josh to make the turkey !! :) I will up date with pics on Friday. Read more »


We had a great weekend with friends and family! My nieces Madison and Makenzie slept over Saturday night. Josh promised to make cupcakes in the morning with them. We didn’t have any cupcake mix in the house. He got up before the girls woke up and went to the food store! They made a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and sprinkles Read more »

Cooking for friends

We are cooking some delicious food for tomorrow. We are having friends come over to watch the Penn State football game tomorrow. Get ready to cheer:) We are making taco cupcakes, meatballs in brown gravy, mini roast beef sandwiches, mozzarella and tomato’s.  Kelley is cooking now. See picture Read more »

Getting ready for family

Kelley and I are getting ready for thanksgiving. We are so excited that My parents are coming to visit from North Carolina. Kelley is painting one room and I am cleaning our basement. This is our movie room which will also be a playroom Read more »

Cat is excited

I needed to put my screen saver of my cat for you to see. His name is Tater Tot and he wakes me up every morning at 5:15am to play. He takes his nail and gently scratches my head.  He is my buddy and is waiting for a brother or sister:) Read more »

2012 Adoption Bloggers Interview Project

Susan participated in the 2012 Adoption Bloggers Interview Project. You can see her interview with an adoptive mom, Melinda by clicking here. The interview also includes links to the interview Melinda did with Susan and to the interview Read more »

Day 3 of adoptimist.

We are so excited to begin this process. We have been posting pictures of our house, friends and family. We cannot wait to meet you. Read more »


Kelley and I just had an evening workout. She did yoga and I did 25 minutes on my bike Read more »

Monday, November 12, 2012

We are excited to report that our family is being interviewed now by ABC NightLine News!  The topic is the role of technology as it is being used in our adoption journey.  Please tune in to see us on Thursday night!  We’re also looking forward to spending time with our loved ones on Thanksgiving!  Every year we Read more »

Hello & Welcome!

We’re glad to be here on Adoptimist and look forward to sharing more about us in our diary entries, photos, and even a few videos. In the meantime, you can learn more about us on our website, through our agency profile, and our Read more »


We had our family over on Saturday , parents , siblings and nieces and nephews. It was my sisters birthday. I cooked so many delicious dishes. Meatballs in a mushroom gravy sauce , BBQ meatballs and Ruben balls. I love cooking. So yummy!!! Read more »

Sunday, November 11, 2012

We are thankful to all our Veterans who have made living free in our great country possible!  Thank you to all those who are still serving our country.  We hope you feel the love and appreciation we have for all that you do!  Happy Veterans Day! Read more »

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