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As we write this, we hope that our words come across the way our hearts feel, truly. We do not know where you are from, you could be our neighbor here in Washington, or you could be from as far away as New York. We just know you are trying to decide upon the best future for your baby. We hope for you to find support, strength and love, whatever your chosen path. Our vow is to be honest and open, and to listen, and to help whatever way possible as you try to follow what is in your heart. We want to help. Please view our video to learn about our family's joy, faith, and love. If you entrust us with the raising of your baby, your child's dreams will be our dreams and we as parents will go above and beyond all obstacles to make those dreams come true, we promise.

Thank you for getting to know more about us! Since our marriage we have lived in a small neighborhood on a quiet tree-lined street. We know many of our neighbors and get to enjoy their company at our summer BBQs. We love our house and enjoy working on improvement projects both inside and out. Kirsten is an artist and always has a new project she wants to start or a new color she wants to paint a room. Adam knows what it means on the weekend when Kirsten says, "let's go to Home Depot and have a look." (It means she has a new project in mind, and she's gonna need his help! ). Adam does most of the outside work and, believe it or not, really LIKES to cut the grass. Weird, huh? The kids both enjoy adding their input to the decorating inside as well as helping with the planting of our annual summer garden. Of course the eating of the garden is their favorite part. Our kitchen is the room in the house we all share, to cook, eat yummy meals and catch up on our day's events.

We are both lucky to have jobs near our home. Kirsten is a massage therapist with her own practice. She works part-time, on her own schedule, and has always been able to work around the needs of the kids. Your baby will not be in daycare. Adam is an attorney with a local law firm and his office is just down the street. Our flexible schedules mean we never have to miss school events, teacher conferences, or sports activities. We feel so lucky to have jobs that we love but that also allow us to put the needs of our family first. Adam most days comes home to share lunch with Kirsten and Gracie, and to check in on his girls and see how their day is going.

So, what are we REALLY like? We are like most families...we strive to find a balance between work and fun. We get stressed when things get busy, and sometimes it seems there is never seems like enough hours in the day to get everything done. We believe though that life "happens" too quickly, and we work on staying focused and enjoying EVERY minute with our kids. We love being partners because we both delight in watching Sawyer and Gracie grow up. Hearing them say cute things, watching them doing things for the first time, or even just laughing together until their bellies ache, there is nothing better. Being in our home with both our kids around, is the place we would both choose to be ANY day. We have more love to share and cannot wait for another little one to become a part of our home.

Sawyer is the best big brother EVER. He teaches with patience, and loves to share of himself with Gracie. The smile that comes across his face when she does something cute is like no other. He is a kind, intelligent, empathetic boy who sets good examples daily for his sister as well as his close knit group of friends. He is almost fifteen, and still gives hugs and even occasionally cuddles with his Mamma (don't tell anyone).

Gracie is a sweet, active, and smart little girl, three and a half, going on fifteen! ;) She enjoys riding on her trike, reading, doing art projects with Mommy, and making new friends. She says everyday, she is ready to help with bottle feeding, cuddling and singing to a new little sister or brother. She is excited to finally become the "big sister".

We believe strongly in setting good examples for our children by teaching them to be thoughtful, respectful, and kind. "Pleases" and "thank yous" are used in our house, we strive to nourish our family on positive influences. Having family dinner together every night is important to us, as is Friday movie night, where we all pick a movie together and share popcorn. And of course, we end every day with tons of hugs and kisses and a story before bed.

If you have questions for us, please do not hesitate to ask them. We would hope for an open adoption so we could all share the love and raising of your child, but if a closed adoption is what you would prefer, we would respect your decision. Either way, your child will always know the unique way we became a family. Feel free please to send us a message and we will get right back to you. We hope to get to know you very well, and we promise transparency. Most importantly your child will know the adoption plan was made with love. We are honest and open. No matter what your ultimate choice, we hope for you to find support, strength and peace with your decisions. We are so excited to hopefully hear from you, we'll be nervous, and hope we to get a chance to share what is inside of our hearts, but we cannot wait!

With so much love,

Kirsten and Adam, Sawyer and Gracie too!

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Who We Are

We met each other through an online dating service and had our first date at a small coffee shop on the waterfront. Kirsten was instantly attracted to Adam's silly sense of humor and quiet confidence, and Adam thought Kirsten was a strong, independent woman he wanted to get to know more about. Indeed, Kirsten was a dedicated and hard-working single mother to Sawyer, and Adam was a serious but fun-loving single guy focused on his career. However on a sunny day in September, our worlds collided. ♥ After sharing a couple of cups of coffee (Adam does not even like coffee, who knew?) and talking for over six hours, we were hooked. We were both open to adventure, both loved and valued our families and both searching for soul mates. The match succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. We married a year and a half later, and in late 2009 our beautiful daughter Gracie was born. We have been having fun ever since!

We are so lucky to have the blessing of our family, we feel grateful everyday for the love we all share. Above all else, we enjoy spending time together. We like playing games, going for walks, reading books together and enjoying meals around our dining table or just being goofy. Gracie and Kirsten are usually the first to get home towards the end of the day after visiting the library, running errands or having a play date with friends, then Sawyer comes home from school at three. When Adam comes through the door at five, our family is reunited and ready to start the night. Nothing means more to Adam, than when Gracie stops whatever it is she is doing and runs to the door cheering "DADDY!!!"

We feel we are good parents in that we listen to our children, encourage them to seek out what makes them happy and celebrate their differences. Some days Gracie wants to play "Candyland" ALL DAY. It makes her happy, so if we are all home, we do! We believe in giving children room to explore, to get dirty, and realize their own interests. We tell Gracie, a good day is when you come home with dirt on your knees. We cannot promise to be perfect, but we do love our children completely and wholly with all our hearts. We are happy when they are happy and we feel their pain when they are sad. We share most everything we do with our children and although we still go on coffee dates, (Adam still does not like coffee, but Kirsten is working on that, come on! We live in Seattle for Pete's sake...) we cannot wait to get home and see them after any time spent away from them.

We hope and pray for a baby to find his or herself into our lives to make our little family complete. We believe in miracles AND too good to be true, we believe in open adoption. We believe it takes a village to raise a child; we want you to always be a part of your child's life. We can only imagine the fun and love that another little person could add to our house and hearts, we have so much to share, with you and your baby, we really cannot wait!!

Adoption Diary

Summer adventures!

So, Sawyer is still in Mexico.  I go between being worried, to being sure he is having a blast.  I KNOW he is having a blast, and I have faith he is just fine.  Right?  RIGHT?!!! ;)
Gracie and I have been hanging at our favorite summer spot, the big park around the corner from our house.  There is a spray park there, a HUGE playground, the pool Gracie calls “Daddy’s pool”, where he swims every other day and where she joins him on Fridays, and the greatest little petting zoo ever.  Gracie and I pretty much fell in love with the baby goats the first time we were there this season.  I tried to convince Adam, that maybe we needed one, you know to trim our grass, tend to the weeds around our veggie garden, he didn’t buy my proposal, so we’ve gone to visit them several times since.
Summer is FUN!  The sun is out and shining so late, every night feels like vacation.  Last night we hung out at a lake nearby as Adam did a training swim in it, in prep for an open water swim this weekend.  We brought a picnic, shovels, buckets, bread for the ducks, we kinda wished we could have just pitched a tent and stayed the night. 
We’re planning a big family shindig in August, down south with some of Adam’s mom’s family.  His sister, and her kids(the one we just recently met who was placed in an adoptive home, years ago, and we only just found out) get to meet us there and meet even more of Adam’s family.  It will be fun to hang out a second time and have even more cousins running around and playing.  We’ll be in Washougal, WA (I know, a mouthful huh?), and it is always hot there, AND one of his uncles has a great pool.  I am picturing a pool, lots of rafts, lots of kids running around, water noodles and fun.  It is still kinda hard for Adam to be in that area because we still miss his Mom, but his family is sooooo nice, and it still feels like home.
How are you feeling?  I try to put myself in your shoes, and it is impossible really to do it.  I think I am brave and fearless, but not the kind of brave you are.  Really. I think about Adam’s mom.  She had the biggest heart, and loved her children soooooo much.  I wish she could have met her daughter now, and got to see what an awesome Mom she is, and what a kind heart she has.  The best we can do now, is love on her, and share our families.  So, glad closed adoptions are not the norm.  So glad we can all look forward to rather than fear open adoption. ❤

Holy typos Batman!

I get so excited about writing my diary entry, I write it, upload the picture and hit enter.  Alas!  I promise and vow to slow my roll and check….;)  I just re-read my entry from the other day and there were a few doozies.;)
A great typist I am not, but I know I am a good Mommy, and I promise to share all my heart with you and your baby…I hope your night is good.  Please let us know if we can help.  Call anytime, 425.280.6411

Thick skin

We had a GREAT fourth of July.  AND, I received my first hate tweet, all in the same day.  Our holiday was fun though, even still….We headed over to Sawyer’s Dad’s house and spent the day with his Step Mom, his Dad, and his sisters.  I think I’ve shared before that Michelle, his step Mom and I have become close friends over the years, but I still feel so appreciative when I spend time with all of them.  We are all so lucky to have the easy, open relationship that we have.  Last weekend Sawyer went to a Mariner’s baseball game with is sisters, (yes, they lost, AGAIN….)as he was enjoying the game, his step Mom, Michelle texted me a few of the pictures from the night.  I’m a lucky Mom.  I’ve got a best friend, and a woman who loves my son as much as me.  What is not to like?
As we were walking back from the fireworks in their neighborhood, I watched as Delaney, Sawyer’s sister carried our love Gracie, and they were both giggling and having fun.  It’s not work anymore for us all to get along so easily, at first we did have to sorta work past fear, jealousy, etc, but now it is just all good.
So, on Thursday I also received a Tweet in response to one of mine about open adoption and all the positives surrounding it.  This person said it is not possible.  I think they’re wrong.  Honestly, I don’t think any relationship is perfect, or easy, but if the ones involved focus on the benefits, and put their individual concerns and wants a bit to the side, everyone can thrive and feel loved and supported. Is it weird to think our co-parenting with Sawyer’s Dad and his step mom is similar?  We all four work to put our kids fist, and we relish our time spent together.  We so hope for an open adoption, so we all can gain, grow and share in the love of your child. 
One of my friends that I have met who is a very vocal Birthmom on the internet, said she had to stop blogging for a while because of the negative comments, they were getting personal, and getting to her.  I think it is just truly that people fear what they do not understand.
We’d love to talk and get to know what your hopes are for your baby, and how you see our relationship developing over the years.  We can sooooo do this, let’s prove everyone wrong.;)

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