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Dassance, Reed and Odin

We are so excited to be parents again, and Odin is so excited to be a big brother.

We are Dassance, Reed and Odin and we live outside Portland, in Washington State. We are a happy and loving little family of three, and we look forward to someday welcoming a fourth who will make our family complete.

We (Dassance and Reed) met in a coffee shop in San Francisco, went on one date and knew straight away that we were going to be together. We married two years later and were excited to start a family immediately. After three years of frustration and sadness, we let go of our hopes of having a biologically related family and set our sights on building a family through adoption. That decision has been the best one we have ever made because it brought us Odin. Being Odin’s parents is so much more brilliant and joyous than we could have possibly imagined. He is the light of our lives and the butter on our toast. Odin has solidified our belief in open adoption and we are all just so excited for a new child to join our family.

But who are we, you ask!? Dassance is from Ithaca, NY. After studying theatre in Ithaca and London, she spent nine years in New York City, working as a stage manager and in the restaurant industry. She now works remotely in nonprofit administration for an environmental organization. She is thoughtful, conscientious, uber-organized, artistic, often kooky, and a lover of British mysteries. Reed grew up in Sonoma County, CA, and spent a lot of time abroad in France, India, Madagascar and Japan. He loves learning, is a musician and artist, a game designer and developer, a D&D Dungeon Master, a talented builder and craftsman, a web designer for work, and a wealth of information and random facts. And last but never least – Odin! Odin is a powerhouse of a tiny human with a personality that stops strangers in their tracks, a lover of music, singing and composing, a fire truck enthusiast, a truly gentle and compassionate soul, a four year old who proactively shares his last cookie, a total goofball and a loving snugglepuss.

The three of us have an amazing time together. Locally we like to explore the beautiful nature near our home, visit museums and explore downtown Portland, and experience everything this area has to offer. We’re also homebodies and enjoy our nights in, cuddling by the fire, reading books or playing games, working and playing outside in the garden, doing a lot of cooking and trying new foods (we do ‘foreign Friday’ meals often to learn about other cultures). We strive for a good balance between exploration of the world beyond our doorstep, and quiet times at home.

This is the ‘second time around’ for us, it’s true, but this feels just as exciting and monumental a step as it did the first time. Now that we are an adoptive family we truly value what openness means and how it really is in the best interest of all involved, and we are ready and excited to open our hearts to another birth family.

So… that’s us in a few short paragraphs. The biggest thing to know is that we are so excited to be parents again, and Odin is so excited to be a big brother. We are ready for this journey, with eyes and arms wide open, ready to come together with a new family in love for that little one whom none of us have yet to meet, but who will change all our lives forever.

With love,
Dassance, Reed and Odin

A NOTE: We believe that all prospective birthparents should be able to access any counseling or advice that they require, without feeling beholden to us, or beholden to any outcomes with their pregnancy. We hope that everyone considering open adoption has the freedom to weigh all of their options before deciding on a path forward. Therefore we are including the contact information for our open adoption agency, instead of our personal contact information. They can offer needed counseling and advice, and put us in contact with you if you'd like to know more about us. Thanks for reading!

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Who We Are

We met almost ten years ago, in a small coffee shop in San Francisco. Dassance had just moved there from New York City and Reed had recently returned from two years living in Japan. Our meeting was a moment that you read about and roll your eyes - we really did know instantly we were meant to be together. Okay, it wasn't one instant, it took three days, but still... If you don't believe us when we say we're soulmates, how about this: we were both born on June 12th (differently years, at least), around 11:30pm, at home with a midwife. That's just weird, right?!

We got engaged after a year and a half of dating and had a crazy fun wedding in Santa Rosa to make it official. Our wedding featured piñatas, hula hoops, a popcorn machine, homebrew beer, and a belly dancer - just to name a few of the things we had going on! We wanted it to fit our personalities - a little quirky, not too serious but with a definite aesthetic and creative flair. Our key word was "whimsy". Afterwards we spent a two week honeymoon in Turkey, which fit all of our requirements for a great trip: steeped in history but also offered beaches, neither of us had been there before, and of course it was romantic!

Our married life since has been amazing. Together we enjoy cooking elaborate meals and dancing around the kitchen (often making Reed's mediterranean baked chicken and dancing to our wedding song "Birdhouse in Your Soul" by They Might be Giants), car camping in several states (salmon and veggie tin foil packets over the campfire is our specialty), making popcorn and watching movies, and playing board games. Even when we're just relaxing at home, we like to be in the same room as one another. Following our wedding we started trying to have a baby. After three years with no success we opened our hearts and minds to adoption.

Our decision to create our family through adoption was the best one we ever made. Because it brought us Odin, and because it will bring us a new little one who we will love and adore and who will make our little family complete.

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Dassance, Reed and Odin

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Dassance, Reed and Odin