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February 1, 2017

An Important Message For Independent Adoption Center Families

Updated: Latest IAC / Adoptimist Info


Like all of you we were shocked and saddened by the news of the Independent Adoption Center’s closure.

We understand that your resolve may be shaken and that you may even be considering ending your adoption journey.

While every IAC family must make some important decisions on their own, Adoptimist wants to offer as much help as possible for those IAC families that wish to continue their adoption journey.

We know you are going through a difficult and uncertain time. But Adoptimist will be here to help in every way we can.

For former IAC Families that wish to join Adoptimist:

For IAC families that wish to join Adoptimist for the first time, we are happy to provide more information about our service. We are not an adoption agency or law firm. We are a connect platform bringing together birth parents & adoptive parents. We have been a valued partner of the IAC’s since our inception in 2011. If you are still interested in meeting birth parents & adopting, there is no better way to continue your search than with Adoptimist.

Note: We offer an IAC discount and this still applies to new accounts for former IAC families. Please get in touch with us for more information about this membership discount. 

For current and former Adoptimist / IAC families:

• We want you to know that even without the IAC, you are absolutely welcome to remain on our site & continue your adoption journey with us.

• We want you to know that you can still connect on our site & go on to adopt a baby. A good & efficient way to do this is to work with an adoption attorney to complete your adoption. It certainly isn’t hard to find one. We recommend the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys as a great place to start.

• We want you to know that if you are in the middle of renewing your home study with IAC, you are still welcome to remain on Adoptimist.

• We want you to know that if you were an IAC family on our site in the past, you are welcome here again. And any IAC discounts will still be accepted on Adoptimist.

• If you have an existing IAC discount we will be increasing the savings by 5%, as a way of helping former IAC families through this rough time. This will occur automatically.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch anytime.

Thank you,

The Adoptimist Team

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Adoptimist staff members are dedicated to providing support for adoptive parents with quality outreach and marketing advice. Our goal is to provide direct, honest, and useful information that is full of positivity and resourcefulness. Whether you are an Adoptimist member or not, we are ready to assist you in your adoption journey.

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